What is Double Chance Betting?

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If you are in the world of sports betting or want to enter it, you must know all the basic concepts to play with cunning and intelligence. One of the best ways to bet is by using the double chance, but what do we mean and when to use it? Find out below.

Double chance in sports betting

One of the most influential markets in the betting world is the double chance, which is nothing more than a form of double betting that can minimize the risk of loss by covering two outcomes.

In the double chance bets, the player has the possibility of betting on two of the three results available in the market, which is known as 1X2, having a 66.6% chance of winning.

The most striking thing is that double chance bets are mostly used in soccer, although they are also seen in sports such as rugby or handball that allow a draw between both opponents.

Types of double chance bets

Double Chance Betting

Most Chileans love to bet with the double chance as it allows them to get a greater chance of winning, for this reason many bookmakers have this system which is made up of three types of double bets as follows:

  • 1X: It is when you can bet on the local victory or a tie, being the visitor’s victory a loss for the bettor.
  • X2: It is when you bet on the visitor’s victory or a tie, the victory of the home team makes the bet a loss.
  • 12: It is when you bet on the home and away wins, where the tie means the loss of the bet.

Bookmakers with double chance market

  • Betfair.
  • Bet365.
  • Paston.
  • Luckia.
  • Sportium.

Frequent odds in the double chance

The odds used in the double chance market start low at first, including the favorite teams. It is possible that the player bets with really low odds and then goes up as the match evolves.

When is the double chance used in betting?

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If you want to use the double chance it is necessary to make a complete analysis of the real data of the team. Focus on knowing the situation of their classification, the name, the odds, the odds proposed by the bookmakers and also the tendencies of both teams.

All this information will make you create a unique betting opportunity where you can guarantee profits. But if you want to take the risk, then use the technique of less frequent double bets.

It really is a very interesting market to be able to minimize the risks of loss, especially for novice players or for those who play in combination bets.

We can simply conclude by stating that double chance bets are very interested in many cases, but you have to play with a lot of cunning. You can play totally at random or take a chance on the traditional games in common bets. Since the final choice is up to you, you can get off to a good start by using the double chance in sports betting.

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