Is Woo Casino worth it?

Is Woo Casino worth it? post thumbnail image

Questions like these have been under quite some debate lately. The Woo casino online platform facilitates users from all over the globe, with a growing number of users. This has automatically sparked competition among other online casinos, raising questions like these.

So what is the answer to this question and others like it? It is without a doubt that Woo Casino has been trying its best over the years to bring only the best and most seamless online casino experience to the palm of your hand, but is it succeeding in doing so? Let’s find out:

Statistical Analysis 

A certain portion of the world religiously believes that while everything else can lie and be deceiving, numbers don’t lie, and numbers won’t lie. So let’s put this case to numbers and statistics as well: is Woo Casino worth it to the point that the statistics support that claim too?

Statistics put the return to user percentage at 81.55% just for slot games and a rising number of deposits made by users that made their first deposits, or in other words- increasing user retention rate. In short, Woo Casino’s statistics paint a clear picture: it’s worth it…

Growth so far

Woo Casino hasn’t grown due to its experience over decades but its honest policies and vision to provide its users with only the best online casino experience. It launched not long ago in 2020 but has seen a massive swarm of users and an ever-evolving and increasing game library. 

Since its debut, Woo Casino has expanded its currency and payment options and grown its services to meet the needs of a global audience. The platform has grown itself to the point of offering welcome bonuses of 100% up to $300 and many more.  

Exceptional online casino games access

Woo Casino tips

At Woo Casino, you can find a game library of over 2000 games by various developers and of various categories all in one place, at just one tap away. Before you think that it’s a collection of 2000 worth-nothing games, let Woo Casino prove you wrong. 

You will find games from famed developers and software providers like Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, Mr. Slotty, Red Tiger Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Quickspin, and 100+ more. You can play from various categories like bonus buy games, roulette games, slot games, live casino games, and more. 

VIP club to boost your game up!

 The word VIP usually gives you the idea that you have to be something special to be a VIP. But when you’re sure that you’re ready to step up your game and play for money, you’re already a part of Woo Casino’s VIP family. 

In the VIP club at Woo Casino, you must complete the different missions and earn rewards as you keep clearing the missions. With every additional bet that you make, you are improving your VIP status at the casino, as simple as that!

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