Past Rising Tide Seattle Actions


#ClimateGames: Seattlites Occupy BNSF Offices to Protest Oil Trains


12/07/15 — 43 Seattle residents occupied the local headquarters of Burlington Northern – Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) today to speak out against the company’s continued involvement in fossil fuel extraction and transport. The group included members of local climate justice groups Rising Tide Seattle, 350 Seattle, Got Green, Bayan and others. Read our demand letter here.

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#NotAnotherHaiyan: Beacon Hill to Georgetown Procession


11/07/15 — Seattlites marched from Beacon Hill, Seattle’s historically Filipino community, into Georgetown, site of some of Seattle’s worst environmental injustice and the staging grounds for fossil fuel exports! In Georgetown people took over the Shell Gas Station and shared song and speeches in remembrance of the lives lost and livelihoods destroyed by what was the world’s largest storm to ever make landfall.

SEPT. 28, 2015 -- Royal Dutch Shell suspends Arctic drilling indefinitely


#Not1More: Northwest Detention Center


09/21/15 — Rising Tide Seattle joined Northwest Detention Center Resistance, TWAC and others in a cross-movement action to prevent the deportation of community members detained at the largest immigration detention center in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Solidarity Action with the Unist’ot’en


07/28/15 — Rising Tide Seattle, in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en tribe in British Columbia who are directly resisting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure on their lands, delivered a letter to the Canadian Consulate and occupied Fidelity Investments, a local Chevron investor. Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn joined the action.

Rising Tide Seattle Shuts Down Shell Facility



Spring 2015 — Rising Tide Seattle was a major facilitator and actor in the Seattle resistance to Shell’s Arctic drilling convoy. RTS cofounded the Shell No Action Council (SNAC), rallied people to pressure the port commissioners, built momentum with a pre-arrival action at a Shell facility, and helped coordinate the major public actions.

People’s Climate March, Seattle 2014


Over the last year Rising Tide Seattle was the rowdy voice confronting the expansion of fossil fuel exports in the Pacific Northwest — especially against oil trains. This campaign included many actions and resulted in the redesign of a more comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement from the state Department of Ecology.

Seattle Raging Grannies Blockade Washington State Department of Ecology Over Oil Trains

10/30/2014 — “We’re here to help the Department of Ecology learn how to say no to the oil industry,” said Beth DeRooy, Seattle Raging Granny. “After granting permits to four illegal oil train terminals and letting former BNSF executives write their oil study, I was worried the folks over at the Department never learned how to say no and needed a little help from their grannies.” Rising Tide Seattle was there to support.

Anacortes Refinery Action

09/19/2014 — Three residents of Anacortes and Seattle blockaded the oil train facility at Tesoro’s Anacortes Refinery by locking their bodies to barrels full of concrete. “Thursday’s derailment was the last straw,” says Jan Woodruff, an Anacortes resident. “If Federal and State regulators won’t stand up to the fossil fuel companies endangering our communities, then we, the people of those communities, will do so.” Rising Tide Seattle supported the action.

Everett 5 Oil Train Blockade

Five residents of Seattle and Everett, WA, working with Rising Tide Seattle, stopped work at a Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railyard in Everett by erecting a tripod-structure on the outbound railroad tracks, directly in front of a mile-long oil train.

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